FAQ / frequenty asked questions

  • Are there different shirts for women and men?
    No, the shirts are unisex and can be worn by men and women
  • Does the shirt rub while paddling?
    Under no circumstance. Due to the thin and flexible fabric, the shirt offers absolute comfort and freedom of movement while paddling, which was very important to us when we developed the shirt. The flatlock seams ensure that the shirt fits comfortably on the body and does not rub.

  • Is the inside pocket absolutely waterproof?
    Yes, the bag is absolutely waterproof up to at least 10m, tested according to the international industry standard IPX8. The double lip seal provides 100% protection against water, moisture, dust, dirt and odors.

  • Does the protective Shell float when a Smartphone is inside?
    No it doesn’t float. To make it float the shell what need additional air pads which would make the use of the Smartphone touchscreen impossible 

  • Can I swim with the shirt?
    In any case. The shirt is ideal for any sport in the water. It is suitable for Standup Paddling as well as for surfing, kitesurfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing or simply swimming. The high UV protection provides optimal protection against sunburn.

  • What size should I buy?
    The shirt is a rather small, the model in the photos is wearing size L with a height of 1.80 m
    See also the size chart on the main page

  • Does the shirt keep you warm in the cold water?
    No, the shirts are generally designed to protect against wind and sun, not to keep warm. Neoprene suits are better suited for this

  • What size does the waterproof inner pocket have?
    Inner dimensions: 18.5 x 8 cm, Closure: 16 cm, Weight: 8.0 g, Volume: 0.3 l (For comparison, most smartphones have a size of approx. 14.5 x 7cm)

  • What can I use the waterproof bag for?
    The waterproof bags are ideal for use as protective bags for electronic devices such as smartphones or cameras and car keys. In addition, the bags are also food safe according to EU standard and odor-proof, so you can also keep coffee, tea, tobacco, etc. in it.


  • Do you sweat in the shirt?
    The Shirt keeps your body pleasantly cool when you moisten the shirt, either by jumping into the water or by simply dispensing water on the shirt with one hand. After about 15 minutes, the shirt is still cool, after about 30 minutes, the shirt is dry again.

  • Is it possible to use the smartphone in the protective case?
    Making phone calls works well despite the protective cover. You can easily understand the caller and also operate the touchscreen as usual.